Adjustable shock absorber









Un amortissement règlable dès 1925!

The possibility of adjusting the damping from the cockpit is an option reserved for luxury cars, even nowadays. But the idea is not new.

Indeed, in 1910 François REPUSSEAU, founder of REPUSSSEAU & Cie in Levallois Perret braught back a friction damper license from his trip in USA. Armand DUFAUX, inventor of the telescoping damper, filed his patents in France and England (1922/1923). From the combination of these two engineers was born a system  of  friction adjustable dampers from the dashboard … the best at that time.

The remanufacture of this mechanism is not easy. It was necessary to redo a number of parts wich can no more be fouund: cable stops, slides, cable holding clips. The toothed crowns, very worn, have beenremanufactured in partnership with the Lycée du Haut-Barr and its section of BTS in micro-mechanics.